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Min investment


Account Type

Highest Risk

Account Type

Risk Index 36%

We Invested

534 Days Ago

Our Investment




Account Value


Account Creation

1-10 min

Account Validation

48-96 hr

Deposit Time

48-96 hr

Withdrawal time

48-96 hr

Fees (first S$25K)

0.8% p.a.

Fees (S$25-50K)

0.7% p.a.

Fees (S$50-100K)

0.6% p.a.

Fees (S$100-250K)

0.5% p.a.

Fees (S$250-500K)

0.4% p.a.

Fees (S$500-1M)

0.3% p.a.

Fees (S$1M and above)

0.2% p.a.

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